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    Monika Singh

    A Professional Speaker, Trainer, Author and Coach

      4.0 Average Rating

      149 Reviews

      475 Students

     1 Courses

    Monika Singh

    Designation : A Professional Speaker, Trainer, Author and Coach

    Professional Details :

    MONIKA SINGH is a certified LIFE COACH, NLP PRACTITIONER, SPEAKER & AUTHOR from New Delhi. She is the author of bestseller book “Formula Of Happiness - the secret within you”

    Her mission is to provide tools that empower people to ignite their dreams, unleash their potential and fulfill their purpose.

    MONIKA has been empowering people and making change in the lives of people across the country since 2018, she has conducted her speeches & workshops in different part of the country like Delhi, Haryana, Uttar pradesh, Himachal, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur, etc. She has addressed thousands of people, and all have enjoyed her speeches & courses.

    She has helped thousands of people in India in body-mind-soul wellness, self-development, stress & conflict resolution and personal development & leadership

    Her method of teaching involve daily life experiences. Her unique teaching style concentrates on empowering individuals, impact-makers and game changers. her teaching includes all the practical strategies and insights that help people to increase their brilliance, master their emotional, mental and personal disciplines.

    Monika's approach to teaching carries a personal philosophy which has inspired thousands of people across the country to invest in their unlimited opportunity for personal growth and start positively impacting the world around them.

    Do you have a dream, a goal, or an ambition? Do you have areas in your life that frustrate you or problems that need to be solved? Do you feel the need to protect yourself from negativity and avoid bad 'luck'/negative energies? Or perhaps you wish to improve your life by attracting good 'luck'? Are you looking to achieve success in your career and build your wealth? Are you wishing for your dream car or dream home? Or maybe you require some help to overcome destructive habits? Do you wish to enhance your relationships with the people you love?

    Whatever you desire, MONIKA can help you realize it - whether it is career success, education, wealth, love and relationships, health, healing or even just finding the inner peace and spiritual contentment in life....

    MONIKA SINGH would like to welcome you on a journey of a lifetime!

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