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    MyOnlineShiksha is India's marketplace to learn, teach and earn online. This platform help students learn courses for any desired job, develop their skills and drive their career growth. On the other hand, it allows teachers to teach online and earn from the subscribed users.

    Why MyOnlineShiksha?

    Our platform provides most desirable courses for career building in Hindi & other Indian Languages.

    Online courses are made by innovative Tutors and a course would be consisting of several video lectures, along with Tests and assignments.

    You can see video lectures repeatedly at your own pace, can ask the questions to the Teacher, download the study material provided and check your exam preparation through the Tests.

    All this in a very affordable price!


    Teach on Myonlineshiksha

    Earn money. Share your expertise. Build your personal brand.


    We are a platform for common tutors to expand their reach, so that an average tutor’s classes can reach to far flung places in India and common student can study the courses offered in Indian Languages, affordably.

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    Nick Di Vona


    New skills lead to a career transition for student with a passion for education

    Harsh Raj


    Going online makes the entire world her classroom

    Kristen Palana


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    Project Director

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