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    Industry Readiness Program: Advanced with TCS iON Remote Internship

    Program Overview

    Self-paced courses on Interview Techniques,Public Speaking & Personality Development + Industry Readiness Program with TCS iON RIO-210 Internship, having an Industry mentor for the project work of 210 hours with supportive elements self-learning content,webinars, daily activity reports, knowledge sharing, tests and viva online to help the students complete the projects successfully leading to certification by TCS iON.

    The Industry Readiness Program is specifically designed to bridge the skill gap and make the under-graduates ready for the wider domains of Industry. This program is product of collaboration between MyOnlineShiksha and TCS Ion.

    This program will let you work on real projects with Tata Consultancy Services with an expert mentor and lets you make an impact in the business world – before you even graduate This in turn significantly improves the placement chance of these graduates.

    Course Fee



    45 Days

    Project Work

    210 Hours

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    Industry Readiness Program Advantages

    • Guaranteed Internship on trending topics, right from your home.
    • Online Course to prepare you for Job Interviews.
    • Graduates, Under-Graduates across various domains can add value to their resumes.
    • Get Two Certificate from TCS iON (A Tata Group Company) and MyOnlineShiksha (an Educron Education Portal)
    • Get 1 Credit point by TCS iON, which will also be taken into account in your future interviews, especially in Tata group companies.


    Offering you a globally respected Internship from the comforts of your home.

    To provide end-to-end solution to help you prepare for a career.

    To test your knowledge and kickstart a Career.

    Program Content

    • IRP with TCS iON Remote Internships, a digital internship program, is designed to provide a large number of internship opportunities across various trending topics/domains. It facilitates “Internship Anytime, Anywhere”, where students can work at their comfort without any location constraints. The program complements the whole internship experience with enablers for collaborative learning with peers, connect with industry mentors and projects.
    • Interview Techniques for Job Aspirants, a self-paced online course by well known Corporate Trainers.
    • Complete Personality Development, a self-paced online course from an experienced Mind Control Expert.
    • Public Speaking, a self-paced online course to master public speaking.

    Remote Internship Features

    • No. of Days : 45

    • No. of Hours : 210

    • Credits Earned : 1

    • Learning References : Yes

    • No. of Hours in Industry Projects : 15 (Check the List of the Projects)

    • Learning Resources : Online Course: Interview Techniques for Jobs Aspirants

    • Daily Activity and Project Reports : Yes, a mentor will be allotted

    • Daily Discussion Rooms : Yes

    • Tests and Viva : Yes

    • Access to Industry Mentor : Yes

    • Credits aligned to AICTE and UGC : Yes

    • Certification : Two Certificates by TCS iON & MyOnlineShiksha


    • Change the way you apply for internship programmes.

    • Industry Readiness Program with TCS iON Remote Internships are the career-starter you can depend on. With relevant industry experience - graduates, post-graduates, students across various domains, even freshers can add value to their resumes from our wide variety of internship programmes. Our end-to-end upskilling solutions help you prepare, test and analyse your knowledge and kickstart a career from the comfort of your home.

    Why Industry Readiness Program with TCS iON Remote Internships?

    IRP with TCS iON is one of the largest online platforms for students with the TCS iON Digital Learning Hub offering a wide range of courses, assessments, and events.

    IRP with TCS iON Digital Learning Hub also hosts digital discussion rooms designed for students to collaborate, share knowledge, participate in activities like quizzes and provide feedback.

    IRP with TCS iON offers end-to-end support in upskilling self-learners right from K-12 to working professionals.